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SPECS 2-Day IP Management & IP Commercialisation Workshop

Published on: 11th March 2021 & 18th March 2021

Thanks to IPI Singapore for spending two (02) days with SPECS members, delivering world class workshop by facilitators with deep experience.

SPECS Programme Office worked with IPI Singapore to deliver a customised 2-Day IP Workshop for SPECS members, at One North NTU extended campus, to enhance the member companies' business competitiveness and to gain market share through IP adoption.

Programme Overview

Day 1 (11 March 2021)

o Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP) and IP Management

o The Essentials of Technology Transfer and Management

o Evaluation of New Technologies

o The Essential Tools for IP & Technology Marketing

Day 2 (18 March 2021)

o Patent Analytics Using Software Tools

o Understanding Industry & University Research Collaboration Models

o Introduction to Technology Valuation – Valuation Approaches for Licensing

The Essentials of IP Licensing

About IPI Singapore

IPI is an innovation catalyst that creates opportunities for enterprises to grow beyond boundaries. As a subsidiary of Enterprise Singapore, IPI accelerates the innovation process of enterprises through access to its global innovation ecosystem and advisory services.


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