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SPECS Workshop & Energy Insights, ACES, SIEW 2021

Published on: 28 October 2021 1~6pm.

SPECS aims to support Asia Clean Energy Summit (ACES), in conjunction with Singapore International Energy Week 2021 (SIEW 2021) for members to network, seek wider partnership and learn successful commercialization solutions.

SIEW 2021 SPECS Strategic Partnership (Virtual)

Session #1 (28 Oct 2021 1pm to 3.15pm), Moderator: Dr LH Koh

SPECS Session #1 Opening Introduction​

1.1 Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (Mr Kong Wy Mun, CEO): Partnering Singapore’s Public Sector

1.2 Singapore Green Building Council (Mr Jidesh Kambil​, Senior Manager (Market Development)): Enabling the Sustainability Journey in Singapore

1.3 Singapore Water Association (Mr Chew Men Leong, President): Singapore: A Global Hydro Hub

1.4 IPI Singapore (Dr Sze Tiam Lin, Head of Innovation & Technology): Powering a Sustainable Future Through Technology & Innovation

1.5 Singapore Battery Consortium (Dr Chiam Sing Yang​, Director): Research, Development and Translation of Battery Technologies

1.6 CoolestSG: Introduction and updates (Prof. Lee Poh Seng​, Programme Director): Creating Opportunities for Enterprise to Grow through Technology and Innovation

1.7 Singapore Manufacturing Federation (Mr Ian Lee, Director of MATO): Powering Productivity – How Local Manufacturers benefit from industrial transformation and the opportunities within the manufacturing sector

1.8 Blockchain Association of Singapore (BAS) (Dr Ernie Teo​, Vice-Chairman): Blockchain Landscape in Singapore

1.9 NTU-BAS MOU virtual signing with Blockchain Technology

SPECS Session #1 Closing​

Session #1 Partners' Appreciation & Introduction


Electrification and Decarbonization (Virtual)

Session #2 (28 Oct 2021 3.30 pm to 6:00 pm), Moderator: Dr OL Ding

SPECS Session #2 Opening Introduction​

2.1 Amplitude Power (Dr Keehan Chan, Managing Director and Principal Consultant): HVDC and Renewable Energy Transmission

2.2 EDF Lab Singapore (Ms Justine Yang, Smart Grid Research Manager): ​ Integration of H2 and grid for energy network

2.3 Sunseap Group (Mr Peter Goh, Vice President): Guiding building and facility owners in their transition to a low-carbon future

2.4 Komoco Motors (Mr Chan Chee Seng, Product and Pricing Analyst): Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure

2.5 IGSS Ventures (Mr Raj Kumar​, Founder & Group CEO): Business Unusual: Powering Singapore’s niche tech commercialisation opportunities with the best of Silicon and Compound

2.6 Hashstacs (Mr Benjamin Soh, Managing Director​): Blockchain Bridging Green Projects and Financial Services

2.7 Ampotech (Mr William Temple, CEO & Co-Founder​): Building an Intelligent and Secure Grid Edge

SPECS Session #2 Closing

Session #2 Electrification and Decarbonization Moments

SPECS invited to speak at SIEW Energy Insights on 27 October 2021

Energy storage systems (ESS) have been an instrumental component in the integration of DERs. The talk entails centralized and distributed ESSs research, deployments and integration in Singapore. An energy system cost benefit analysis with energy mixed is included to conclude the session.

Objectives of Energy Insights:

SIEW Energy Insights features the latest reports launched by renowned international organisations. Benefit from the most up-to-date research on key energy issues

Themed: Energy Connectivity

Objective: Aligning to the overarching theme of “Advancing the Energy Transition” this segment hope to showcase and share about the activities been done across different areas of work in Singapore on EV charging, power grid and energy storage, in an effort to connect Singapore’s energy resource and effectively manage them to promote the transition to a new era of energy systems for Singapore.

Speaker #1: Dr Muhamad Azfar Ramli Deputy Director, Systems Science Dept Institute of High Performance Computing, A*STAR

Speaker #2: Dr Koh Leong Hai Programme Director Smart Grid and Power Electronics Consortium Singapore

Speaker #3: Dr Davy Cheong Deputy Director Singapore Battery Consortium


Anurag Chatterjee Head of Sales for Renewables & Power Asia Pacific Energy Systems DNV



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