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Be part of the future of energy with the Smart Grid Power Electronics Consortium of Singapore (SPECS)


SPECS member companies can benefit from Connection, Knowledge and Creation which serves as a launchpad to success in birthing commercially-viable products and services based on the key attributes and technology areas within Energy Grid 2.0 technologies. Take the next step in advancing your company’s innovation now!

Get connected through our events which equip members with skills, knowledge and opportunities such as providing global networks to international smart grid and power electronics efforts.



Gain more knowledge on Energy Grid 2.0 technologies through the consortium’s focus on areas in advanced power electronics such as solid state transformers, energy management systems such as load and generation balancing, and cybersecurity.



Harness the power from translational research knowledge and invaluable connections to create products and services which commercialise smart grid & power electronics technologies.


The key attributes within Energy Grid 2.0 technologies:

  1. energy savings

  2. energy efficiency

  3. energy resiliency, and energy intelligence.


The technology areas within Energy Grid 2.0 technologies: 

  1. Smart Grid

  2. Advanced Power Electronics

  3. and the Future Grid.

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