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Smart Grid & Power Electronics Consortium Singapore (SPECS) was established in December 2018 with the vision of propelling Singapore’s power industry into a global technology leader by serving as an empowering platform for academic-industry collaborations between Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and aspiring companies today.


Through these collaborations with publicly-funded researchers, we hope to empower companies to translate the ever-relevant intellectual property around Energy Grid 2.0 technologies, as well as the latest research and competencies, into solutions for your deployment and commercialisation.


At SPECS, we believe in Singapore's future as a regional technology leader in the fast-evolving energy landscape. Alongside our trusted partners, we equip our innovative and commercially-savvy members with skills, knowledge and opportunities to develop new quality products towards the global market.


Empowering companies to propel Singapore as a technology leader in the power industry.



Creating opportunities for companies to be connected, informed, and to create.


CONNECT - Join our events!

SPECS provides member companies with global networks to international smart grid and power electronics efforts


INFORM - Stay informed of the latest updates from the various research entities.

The Consortium will work on three (03) key attributes to achieve the broad goals of Energy Grid 2.0.

(1) energy savings,

(2) energy efficiency,

(3) energy resiliency, and energy intelligence.

The technology areas are the Smart Grid, Advanced Power Electronics, and the Future Grid. 


CREATE - Companies can promote and export new products and services to global markets by translating public intellectual properties and know-how into innovations, deployments, and commercialisation. 


Within the past decade, Singapore has invested steadily in research in smart grid technologies which have grown to possess a strong base of researchers with expertise in the domain. 


Alongside the Cooling Energy Science and Technology Singapore (CoolestSG) Consortium, the Smart Grid and Power Electronics Consortium Singapore (SPECS) was set up by The National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) and the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to drive R&D and push for the adoption of novel technologies in Singapore’s energy sector in December 2018. 


SPECS, a national consortium hosted at Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore), was born to serve as an enabling platform for companies to access the latest technologies developed by these researchers. The consortium focuses on areas in advanced power electronics such as solid state transformers, energy management systems such as load and generation balancing, and cybersecurity. Technologies in these areas aim to help achieve energy savings and support a more intelligent grid system that is secure and resilient. 



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