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Past, Present and Future of NEMS

Published on: 09 November 2021

Past, Present and Future of National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS)
7-hour physical workshop with know-how transfer for SPECS Members

Date: 9 Nov 2021, 9 am - 5 pm (registration starts at 8:30 am)

Venue: NTU@OneNorth, 11 Slim Barracks Rise, Singapore 138664


Workshop Objectives:

Objectives of this workshop are to provide the attendees with:

· an understanding of the fundamental principles, objectives, unique feature of National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS);

· the evolvement of NEMS since January 2003 in response to changes in needs of generation companies and consumers, development of new and advanced technologies, climate change concerns and collaboration among ASEAN nations on energy security; and

· challenges and opportunities in NEMS and how innovative smart grid solutions or power electronics technologies may apply


Main Content:

This is a comprehensive and interactive workshop on National Electricity Market of Singapore (NEMS), incorporating

1. Introduction:

· Understanding the physical aspect of generation, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity

· Principles of electricity markets and costs of electricity

· Examples of other electricity markets

2. Development of National Electricity Market of Singapore:

· Singapore Electricity Pool – First wholesale electricity market in Singapore

· What prompted the implementation of National Electricity Market of Singapore?

· Market structure, design principles and unique features of NEMS

· Operations of NEMS – Bidding, pricing, scheduling and dispatching of electrical energy

· Ancillary Services and their importance to NEMS

· Retail electricity market – from initial opening to full retail contestability

3. Present State of NEMS:

· Overview and market performance

· Electricity Futures Trading

· Demand Response Programme

· Open Electricity Market

4. Future Challenges and Opportunities in NEMS:

· Development of Generation Capacity

· Solar energy and Energy Storage System

· Innovative Energy Solutions

· Regional Power Grid – ASEAN Power Grid

· Full deployment of smart electricity meters

5. Question and Answer Session


Who Should Attend:

This workshop is designed for senior managers, technical and non-technical professionals, supporting professionals and new engineering graduates who wish to have an understanding of the NEMS and its challenges and opportunities in NEMS. This workshop will also benefit researchers, engineering staff and students who are keen to apply innovative smart grid solutions or power electronics technologies in the NEMS or the power system.


Workshop Details:

· It will either be a one-day 7-hour workshop or two-part workshop over two evenings of 3.5 hours each

· Workshop content will be delivered by a veteran in the electricity industry and electricity market expert through presentation with an interactive session at the end of Workshop.



1) The physical workshop is limited to the first 30 sign-up only on a first come first serve basis.

2) Attendees are encouraged to be vaccinated against Covid-19, as per Singapore MOH’s recommendations.

3) Social distance management measures shall be observed at all times.


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