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Jurong Island Renewable Energy RFP

EMA and JTC have launched the Jurong Island (JI) Renewable Energy request for proposal (RFP) on 25th October 2021

This RFP invites the submission of Full Proposals to develop and pilot innovative solutions on Jurong Island (JI) that can facilitate greater renewable energy deployment on JI and reduce JI’s carbon emissions, with three focus areas: (i) renewable energy; (ii) energy storage systems; and (iii) low-carbon solutions. Details of the RFP can be found on the website (

Interested applicants are encouraged to attend an online briefing on 15th November 2021, 1000hrs, Singapore time (GMT +08:00). Please register your interest for the briefing through the registration form ( by 12 November 2021, 2359 hours, Singapore time (GMT +08:00). Upon registration, further details of the online briefing would be sent to registered attendees.

All submissions must be submitted to the website, and the closing date for submission is 24 January 2022, 1600 hours (GMT +08:00).

Jurong Island Renewable Energy RFP - ESG Industry Sharing Session on 18 November 2021 1000 - 1100 hour SGT

The Enterprise Singapore (ESG) is inviting industries and academia interested in participating in Jurong Island (JI) Renewable Energy Request for Proposal (RFP) through an industry sharing session through webinar:

Webinar Details

Date: Nov 18, 2021

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am (UTC+08:00)

Venue: Online (Zoom)

Fee: Complimentary

Projects will be funded by a $6 million joint commitment by JTC and EMA, with support from Enterprise Singapore (ESG), to support prototyping and demonstration of innovative renewable energy, energy storage systems and low-carbon technologies on JI.

  • Renewable Energy such as new advances in solar photovoltaic (PV) materials, innovative methods in deploying solar PV, e.g. on pipe racks and storage tanks, and efficient conversion of solar energy for industrial uses, e.g. conversion to hydrogen or steam;

  • Energy Storage Systems (ESS) with improved fire safety for safe and reliable operations, and technologies with higher energy density to reduce the land needed for ESS deployment in Singapore; and

  • Low-Carbon Solutions that are scalable in areas including but not limited to hydrogen and carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

Interested companies are encouraged to partner with your technology providers and/or research community to testbed innovative solutions on JI. Applications are now open for the RFP from 25 October 2021 to 24 January 2022. Interested parties can visit the website for more details.

The industry briefing session for the RFP is scheduled on 18 Nov 2021, 10-11am. Registration for the briefing session can be found in the above link and will only be sent to participants who register through the stipulated link.

For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the research community who are interested to participate in this RFP, please register for this session to hear from EMA, JTC and selected Jurong Island tenants about their interests in decarbonisation.


  • Introduction to the Jurong Island Renewable Energy Request-for-Proposal (RFP) by JTC and EMA

  • Sharing of Problem Statements by selected Jurong Island tenants (e.g. Shell, BASF, SLNG)

  • Question and Answer Session


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