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Industrial Energy Efficiency for Waste Water Treatment Plants in Singapore

Published on: 05 March 2021 0900 - 1700 hour (Virtual).

SPECS delivered workshop for Singapore Water Association (SWA) members to create knowledge and awareness on Waste Water Treatment Plants industrial energy efficiency in Singapore.

SWA and SPECS aim to bring a networking platform for members from both organization together to learn industrial energy efficiency for Waste Water Treatment Plants in Singapore.


The objective of this course is to introduce pumps, electrical drives, prime movers and their control systems. It shares how the critical equipment can be made to work at maximum efficiency and to help reduce carbon footprint. The course will cover the most common types of motors, electrical drives and asset management principles. By doing so, participants will receive important knowledge and tools to optimize cost, risk and performance.


Participants are expected to understand different types of commonly used motors and their working principles The course will also cover prime movers which are used to drive the electric motors in the most efficient manner Lastly, participants are expected to understand the importance of asset management in improving plant efficiency, reduce maintenance cost and improve profitability.


This course targets engineers and plant managers who want to understand how electrical drives improve the efficiencies of pumps used in wastewater treatment plants. The course is particularly targeted to help participants improve the efficiency of their plant and to reduce running costs by adopting proper asset management tools.

2021 Joint SWA-SPECS event


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